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We know you’re out there – women who have struggled through divorce and now wonder, “What’s Next?”

As a Life Coach at GateWay of Hope, I work with the SOS woman – the woman who is Starting Over Single. And because there are so many of us, we decided to start this blog.

This is our chance to get acquainted, to talk about some of the important issues you’re facing and to share some hope with you. Because there IS hope.

At some point, you will come through all of this turmoil and find your true self. You will grieve – yes, but grieving, too, is important so that you can move forward and live intentionally. You will learn and you will grow stronger.

Hopefully, you will learn to appreciate your own unique gifts and your personality – to realize, maybe for the first time, what an incredible woman God created you to be.

So join us here and let’s start over single.