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One of the verses that we SOS women quote is Psalm 43:5, “Hope in God for I will YET praise Him.”Ps 43-5

Living in the YET is looking into the future for that day when we move past the struggles of divorce and feel good about ourselves again. It’s a positive mindset where we focus on what will come rather than on what has happened.

What is something you hope for? To buy your own house, to live without the threat of unpaid bills, to love again and feel truly loved in return?

Hope in God. Lay those hopes out on the table and journal about them. Remind God that He is your source of hope. He is the One you depend on to help you leap to that place of living in the YET.

Every time your mind goes back to what happened to you, focus instead on the YET. Start thanking God already for those answered prayers and for your future, filled with joy and abundant blessings.

Put your hope in the One who loves you with an eternal love, the One God who will never abandon you or reject you.

Hope in God and live in the YET.