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When we’re Starting Over Single, it’s important that we find something concrete to heart of artgive us inspiration.

In our SOS group at GateWay of Hope, we include one session where every woman brings the one item that inspires her, then she tells us about it.

Sometimes, it’s an object such as a beautiful vase in the colors of the Southwest – a place where this particular woman wants to live.

Sometimes, it’s a picture of a new house, a new car or a new look (after those extra divorce pounds have disappeared).

Sometimes, it’s a more abstract idea:

  • a journal to record happy times instead of the sad ones
  • a portrait of your children during happier times – knowing that happy times will come again
  • a vision board, plastered with pictures and ideas for your hopeful future
  • a pair of new shoes that you bought – believing that you’re walking into a wonderful future
  • a special piece of jewelry that reminds you how valuable you are

Whatever you choose, find an inspiration piece that you can keep in a place where you’ll see it every day.

Remind yourself that you have survived an emotional trauma and now – you’re moving into a hope-filled future.

Let your inspiration piece be your reminder to look forward – to live in the YET – to march toward a better day.

So … what is your inspiration piece?