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Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you planned to repurpose?

Wasn’t it fun to imagine that beat up old “whatever” as something refreshed and useful?

A few years ago, I bought a bar stool for five dollars at a garage sale. It was black, bar stoolcrusted from years of use and standing outside in the pile of junk “treasures” at the sale. But I imagined it as a nice plant stand in my bedroom.

I took it home and repainted it a creamy beige color, then set my ivy planter on top. The ivy careened down the sides of the bar stool, creating the perfect green camouflage for this old stool. An added bonus was that the bottom of the bar stool was a perfect fit for a colorful plate I found at Goodwill.

Every time I look at that repurposed bar stool, I think about how ugly it once was and now how beautiful and useful it has become.

Perhaps your divorce has made you feel old, crusted and worthless. Although you may feel that way, feelings are not the facts.

The truth is that you are still beautiful with years of usefulness and worth left in your life. You are now being repurposed – to start over single – and discover the incredible woman God has created you to be.

Be encouraged today. Your life has been repurposed. You have a significant part to play and soon – everyone will see how beautiful you really are.

©2014 – Starting Over Single