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Last weekend, I ate at “Unforked” in Overland Park, Kansas. This is a great establishment that serves healthy food and the added bonus of Sheridan’s frozen custards.

On a beautiful August day, I sat outside and enjoyed my gluten free taco and my blackberry chunk concrete while I watched other customers go in and out. What I noticed was the incredible variety and beauty of women.Gateway - Banner 2 - _We love GateWay!_

Some were middle-aged, some in a hurry, some much younger or much older. I saw short grey hair, long auburn tresses, a blonde braid – as well as various other hairdo styles.

One woman carried her iPad into “Unforked,” obviously either working or checking emails. She seemed focused on what she needed to do.

Another woman corralled three children of various ages, answered their questions and ordered their food. Through it all, she was patient and understanding, even while balancing the baby on her hip.

One woman helped her son celebrate his 29th birthday, another woman helped her daughter figure out change to pay for their food. One woman held hands with her husband while another chatted on her cell phone.

It was almost like thumbing through a catalog, marketing the varieties of women and I thought, Wow God! Women are so incredible!

But of course, He knows that. Ever since the Garden of Eden, God has been creating more and more Eve’s – incredible women with a uniqueness unlike any other creation.

Remember this fact today: You are incredible. You are a special creation of God. You have gifts, beauty and talents to share with the world and God has a wonderful plan for your life.

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