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Bible and crossIt happened again as I entered the sanctuary at my church. Most of my friends either sat in rows that were already full, with no room for me, or they had attended another service and weren’t even present.

So…once again…I sat alone.

Most single moms report that Sunday is the loneliest day of the week. In fact, 80% of single moms no longer attend church. They often experience shame because they no longer fit within the traditional role of the family.

It’s easier to stay home – to rest from a busy week, spend time with their kids and prepare freezer meals. The single mom may drop out of church rather than let her heart feel wounded week after week.

We can’t change others and how they respond, so how do we – as single moms – find a way to fit in? What can we do to guard our hearts on Sundays and make the day a time of worship?

  • Find another single mom and sit with her. You may make a new friend, and she will appreciate your attempt to make her feel welcome.
  • Refuse to give in to the easy way – to just stay home. Keep showing up at church because we all need the family of believers. And the church body needs to hear from single moms.
  • Talk with church leadership about how to include single moms in more activities.
  • Use your own spiritual gifts within the church setting. Sign up for the worship team. Offer to teach a Bible study. Volunteer to help in the library. Divorce does not change God’s call on your life. You are still gifted and valuable.
  • Refuse to let bitterness darken your heart. Although others may not understand how you feel, that doesn’t mean you should harbor unforgiveness. Be better than that.

Although Sunday may continue to be one of the lonely days, we can conquer those emotions by doing something practical, by helping others and by realizing that God loves us unconditionally. He will never leave us alone.

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