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Although the end of a marriage is definitely a shock, once we move through that initial pain and trauma – we might begin to see some of the advantages of starting life over as single women.number 7

Your Time Belongs to You. It’s your decision how you spend your time, how you manage your vacation days and what you do when you arrive home after work. Sure, if you have kids, then your time is dedicated to many of their activities and driving them around. But still, you can plan your own time.

Your Money Belongs to You. Especially if you’ve been the saver living with a spender, this advantage is a great relief. You decide how to invest your hard-earned money, how much to save, where you want to give and how much to spend. This is a great time to meet with a financial planner, to look at your budget and to start dreaming about how you will best use your money.

You’ll Learn More about Yourself. An important part of your divorce recovery will involve an authentic look at your new identity. You may rediscover more of the fun part of you, the creative you and the gifted you. You can spend time getting to know yourself better, reconnecting with your inner child and living in genuine freedom.

The Freedom of a Career Move. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business or you’ve wanted to try a completely different job. Maybe you want to return to school for another degree. This is the time to reinvent yourself and find a career that you really enjoy.

Travel. Since your money now belongs to you, this is the time to save for that incredible vacation you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t have to be Italy (although who doesn’t love Italy?!). It can be mini-vacations close to home, days of joy in out-of-the-way places, a walk through the park and a new journal to record it. Just enjoy being with yourself – anywhere you decide to go.

You can Relocate. Once your children are out of school, you can move wherever you want to go. Sell the divorce house and buy that little cottage you’ve always wanted. Or get a maintenance-free apartment, downsize and free up more time for yourself. Let your imagination soar in a new place.

Make Your Life Look Like Your Dreams. What have you always wanted to do? Where have you always wanted to live? What types of experiences have you wanted to pursue? You are free now to do anything and to make your life whatever you want it to be.

Starting Over Single can be the best time of your life. This doesn’t mean you focus only on yourself, because many SOS women volunteer for a cause they love, use their gifts in churches and community service and rediscover the woman God created them to be.

The advantage of Starting Over Single is that now the decisions are up to you and wherever you feel God is leading you.

So what do you think? What are some advantages you’re finding in Starting Over Single?

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