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Divorce-Cannot-ChangeSo many things have changed.

You no longer wear your wedding band. In fact, you may have pawned it to buy something for your child or to pay a bill.

Your “married couple” friends have decided to “unfriend” you. Your family may not understand and you’ve lost your in-laws.

Who are you now? Are you finding it difficult to find your new identity as a woman who is Starting Over Single?

This is a great time to re-evaluate what you want in life. The initial personality you were born with has not changed – neither have your gifts and talents.

The fact that God loves you and has a good plan for your life has not changed. Divorce cannot change God’s plan for your life.

But you are different. You’re smarter now and you know more of the boundaries you need to set to protect your heart. You know what to avoid in toxic relationships and how to move toward healthy ones.

You may have just emerged out of the fog of a toxic relationship, so now you’re thinking more clearly than ever before. That’s good. You’re headed in a better direction.

You don’t have to live in fear that someone is going to hit you or give you another STD. You can decide what to do with the rest of your life, so that means you’re determined to meet the challenges.

You are still beautiful, because you have an inner spirit that divorce cannot destroy. And you have the rest of your life to make healthy choices that will result in even better things for you.

If you’re still wondering – who am I now – the best place to start is to identify your core values. The process of discovering your core values will lead you to healthy activities, the right career for your personality type and sane decisions.

If you’d like to know more about finding your core values, I can help you with that. You can call me at 913.393.GATE (4283) or you can email me at: RebeccaT@GWHope.org.

Just remember – some parts of your identity may have changed, but the inner part of you – the real you – is still intact, still beautiful and still headed toward a hope-filled life.

©2014 Starting Over Single