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During this Thanksgiving week, let’s focus on the advantages of being single. What can give thanksyou be thankful for as a single woman?

  • Time Management. Even if you have children to raise, you still have more time for yourself than you did when you were married. You can choose what you want to do and when – each day. You don’t have to do something with someone else if you don’t want to.
  • Financial Freedom. Especially if you were married to a spender and you’re a saver, you now have the freedom to invest your funds and save for the future. You can seek out a financial adviser, give to charity and set up your own budget. You’re not at the mercy of someone who is spending all your hard-earned wages.
  • Career Freedom. You have the freedom now to dedicate yourself to your career and to do whatever your passion includes. You can make the choices that fulfill your inner drive and work well with your personality. Once the kids are raised, you can move where you want to and pursue the work or ministry that drives you.
  • Identity Pursuit. You are no longer carrying a label for someone else so you can learn to know who you really are – as a person, not as a couple. You can rediscover the wonderful person you once were. You’re no longer hiding in someone else’s shadow.
  • Choosing Friends. You now have the freedom to choose your own friends. You’ve probably lost a few “couple” friends and you may have lost other friends who didn’t understand about divorce or those who judged you. Now you can make those choices yourself. Be selective. Stay away from toxic relationships. Choose wisely.
  • Travel. As a single person, you can save your money and travel where you want. That culinary tour of Tuscany? That historic trip to the Scandinavian countries? Santa Fe? Boston? Whatever place is on your bucket list, check out the best prices and go. Some companies even feature tours primarily for singles. Why not take advantage of those?
  • Life Reinvention. You don’t have to tie yourself to a mortgage. You don’t have to live somewhere that makes you unhappy. Get rid of any furniture, jewelry, clothing, et cetera that reminds you of the past. Start over and make your life what you want it to be.
  • Spiritual Growth. One of the benefits of becoming single again is that we learn how much God cares for the orphan and the widow. According to Isaiah 54, your Maker is now your Husband. Depend on God for your needs, including your emotional needs. Keep a prayer journal and watch Him work. Spend time with Him and listen to him. Watch how he loves you and cares for you.

Especially during this Thanksgiving week, enjoy time with family and friends. Eat what you want to eat, enjoy shopping or watch television. Play games with family. Read a good book.

And above all, be grateful for all the blessings you have – even as a single woman.

©2014 Starting Over Single