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She is given just a short passage in the book of John, yet Jesus felt her life was important enough to teach a lesson to his disciples.

The woman at the well, aka The Samaritan Woman was single and living with a man who was not her husband. In fact, she had a string of unhappy and toxic relationships.

Yet Jesus went out of his way to reach out to her. He reminded her that in spite of her past and her present – he had a good plan for her life.nothing can separate

We don’t even know her name but we could assign adjectives to her such as: courageous, forgiving, gracious and bold.

She challenged Jesus and his theology. She dared him to prove himself and to confirm his identity.

And he answered her challenge with the truth. He revealed himself to her as the Messiah, the Living Water, the One who respected her need for answers.

Then she did something astounding.

She hurried back into her town and gathered the people who had condemned her – those who placed on her the scarlet “D”, refusing even to draw water with her, those “good” people who separated themselves from her.

She told them about Jesus. She revealed who he was and she invited them to come meet this incredible man.

She became an evangelist to the people who rejected her. The Gospel of John tells us that because of her witness, many Samaritans came to believe in Jesus.

So the next time someone tries to put you down because you’re divorced, be kind and ask them to read John chapter 4.

Then remind yourself that God still has a good plan for your life and divorce can’t change that.

God will never, ever stop loving you.

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