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In order to move forward in life, sometimes it is helpful to have a personal mission statement.George Eliot Quote 2

Most of us are familiar with mission statements used by nonprofit organizations or churches, but have you ever thought of a personal mission statement – just for you?

An effective mission statement tells:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Why you do it

It helps you see the value you have in life, the purpose God has for you in a specific way.

An effective mission statement is short and sweet – no more than two sentences. It becomes your slogan that summarizes the good you hope to do each day.

An example of a great mission statement is from Toys R Us: “To be the world’s greatest kids’ brand.”

Another example is from Wal-Mart: “We save people money so they can live better.”

My personal mission statement is: “To help others through my words – either verbal or written and point them toward hope.”

This is what I do as a Coach and Program Director at GateWay of Hope, and this is what I do through my personal writing. RJThesman.net

So what about you?

For 2015, work on finding your personal mission statement. And comment here when you finalize it.

Then go into the world and make a difference.

©2015 Starting Over Single