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Someone recently told me, “You’re a good mom. Your son is lucky to have you.”

It felt good to be encouraged and reminded that everything I do as a single mom has a purpose – to raise my son to be a godly man with integrity and strong character.

So I wanted to encourage all you single moms and remind you how wonderful you are.woman - hands up

You are strong because you have come through the trauma of divorce and learned how to survive on another level.

You are tenacious because you will do whatever is necessary to care for your children and meet their needs, even at the expense of your own.

You are brave because you have faced the demons of condemnation and failure that others may have placed on you.

You are courageous enough to forgive and not let bitterness ruin your soul’s delight.

You are smart because you set boundaries around your life to protect yourself and your children from further harm.

You are patient because you don’t immediately jump into another relationship that may prove harmful.

You are creative because you know how to stretch dollars and groceries to make leftovers taste yummy.

You are persistent because you continue to persevere even when everything and everyone tries to come against you.

Someday, your children will grow up and tell you how wonderful you are. But for now, believe it in your own heart.

Because it’s true.

©2015 Starting Over Single