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Before we can deal with the finances of Starting Over Single, we need to identify our emotions about money.dollar sign

If you’ve come from a relationship where he controlled the finances, then you may feel clueless about where to begin.

If you were raised by “savers” who hoarded their money, you may be afraid to spend anything.

If you were raised by one “saver” and one “spender,” you may feel a conflict regarding money.

If you were married to an abuser, you may think of money as a way to comfort yourself. You may be an emotional spender.

The place to start is to identify your fears and feelings about money.

Start with a webbing design – like a spider web. Put a circle called “Money” in the middle of a page, then jot down words that come to mind.

Then from each of those words, make a new webbing that focuses only on that particular word. You may discover some hidden feelings about money that were hiding.

Then consider these questions:

  • What are your fears about money?
  • How has financial stress affected you?
  • How has money been a lack of control for you?
  • What are some of the messages from childhood or marriage that affect your relationship with money?
  • Are you a victim of retail therapy?
  • What are some healthy boundaries you can set around money?
  • How does money relate to power?

When you’ve answered these questions and journaled through your emotions, you’ll have a better handle on what you’re dealing with regarding money.

Next week, we’ll look at some practical ways to address money and find out how it can work for us.

So what do you think about money?

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