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Once you’ve identified your emotions about money, then you can move forward with some action points. Check out these 7 ideas for dealing with money.dollar sign

Make an Appointment with a Financial Professional. Get the experts on your side.

These are the people who understand everything about money and know best how to advise you.

Some financial institutions have a pro bono consultant who will work with you for several weeks as a free service.

Commit to a Regular Tithe / Giving Plan. God’s math is different than ours.

When we’re first Starting Over Single, it may seem impossible to give anything away.

But God honors a giving heart. He knows how to multiply what you’ve given and what you have left.

Register for the 5% Discount Card at Target. This will save you a little bit every time you shop, and those little bits add up.

Use any type of coupon you can and then put your savings into an extra account that will earn you interest.

Start a Change Jar. It’s amazing how much money you can save over time, just by gathering all your loose change.

You can save for a vacation, for Christmas money, for a special night out for the family.Empty your billfold every Saturday night and encourage your children to do the same.

Use the 30-Day Plan to Find Your Budget. For 30 days, record every penny you spend – everything. Write it in a notebook. Share it with an accountability partner.

At the end of the month, you’ll have a better feel for where you spend your money and how much you need to budget for groceries, clothing, gas, etc.

Keeping this type of record will help you shop effectively without spending compulsively.

When You Feel Like Retail Therapy, Stop and Journal about Your Feelings. Sometimes writing down your thoughts will help diffuse the possibility of spending for comfort.

Then ask yourself pointed questions: Do you really NEED that outfit, those shoes, that bowl of ice cream? If the answer is, “No,” then save the money you would have spent on that item.

You’ll feel as if you’ve conquered an emotional mountain, and you’ll save a bit more for that special vacation or Christmas gift for your child.

Do a Cart Check. When we shop at the big box stores, it’s easy to throw extra things in our carts that we don’t really need.

Before you get in the check-out line, check the items in your cart. How many of those things “jumped” in through an emotional reaction?

Put them back on the shelf and record how much you just saved yourself. Then put those savings in your change jar.

Most of us who are Starting Over Single learn new ways to interact with money, to control our spending and save as much as we can. You probably have a few tips of your own.

What are some action points that work for you?

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