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For the woman who is Starting Over Single, the question that arises is often: Who am I now?woman - hands up

Sometimes, we’ve been so connected as a married couple, we can’t find our identity as a single person. But it’s important to embrace who we are now so that we can move forward in life.

Consider these points:

I am not:

The car I drive

The education I have earned

My job title

The dress size I wear

The balance in my checkbook

The house I live in

The children I have borne

The accent I speak with

My marital status

I am: 

God’s daughter

A follower of Christ

Unique – one of a kind

A planting of the Lord

A survivor

An image bearer


A loyal friend

Authentic, genuine and true to my real self

What are some facts you might include about yourself?

Fill out another list titled: I Am Also…. 

Then share it with us. 

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