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Before we can become more authentic and find our true identity, we need to answer some challenging questions.question-marks-background-cute

These questions also make good fodder for journal entries. So as you think about the answers, you might want to journal your emotions and your thoughts.

Who do you want to become? You’ve been a wife for a while, but now you’re Starting Over Single. So who do you really want to be? Not “What” do you want to be – but “Who?”

What is your new identity? Changing from a Mrs to a Ms can be a real challenge. You may have been an accessory to your husband’s identity for several years. Who are you now?

What small change can you make that will change everything? The first step in any direction is the most important one. Sometimes all we need to do is change one small thing and then everything else will fall into place.

If you didn’t have to work, what would you do? The answer to this question often designates one of our heart passions.

How are you different from who you were one year ago? If you haven’t made any changes for the better, maybe you’re stuck. If you need a coach to help you move forward, contact me at RebeccaT@GWHope.org.

What changes do you want to make this year? We’re only in the month of March. You can still begin to make the positive changes that will completely turn your life around.

What is God’s best version of you? This one takes a bit of thought. The important thing to remember is that God loves you – no matter what.

Anne Lamott writes, “Faith is believing that when I wake up in the morning, God will still like me.”

He will. He does – always.

Check your authenticity by answering these questions. Then share in the comments any insights you’ve gained.

Go for it! Be your authentic self!


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