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For almost 20 years, I have been waiting to hear a sermon about the valuable giftings of single women within the church. Finally … finally, it happened.serving happily

This wonderful woman pastor of a local church preached about Singleness and the Family of God – about how we can use our gifts to enrich the body.

We don’t have to be married to be used by God. In fact, we have some freedoms not available to our married sisters, freedoms we can utilize to serve.

One way we can serve the church is to show sacrificial love – to be obedient and volunteer  – to care about the entire family of God with on-call love.

Instead of using our freedom to feed our own ego, to sleep in on Sunday mornings or to schedule a kid-free shopping spree – we can use our gifts to encourage others, to teach and to be available for whatever needs arise.

As divorced women, we still belong to the body of Christ. Divorce does not change God’s call on our lives. It does not delete the spiritual gifts we have been given.

Sure, we need to take some time to grieve and discover our new identity, but we can still serve and we can give of ourselves so that others can learn and grow in their faith.

Another way to serve is to befriend someone else. We don’t have to stay within our own little group of SOS women. We can mentor a younger woman. We can nurture growth into someone else’s life.

Remember, the Messiah was also single, but he definitely continued to serve God as a single man. He didn’t roam around the hills of Galilee seeking a wife because he felt lonely or wondered if he was only half a man without a woman beside him.

He embraced his singleness, obeyed God’s will for his life and let God take care of any loneliness needs. We can do the same.

Psalm 68:6 reminds us that God sets the lonely in families. Sometimes that means a physical family who comes alongside us and our children. But it also means we have the family of God available.

This family can help settle our loneliness while we enrich the family of God by using our gifts, stepping out of our own hurts and joining in.

So how are you serving? Let us know about possible ways we can minister together.

©2015 Starting Over Single

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