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kid with paint splotchesMy vision journal was a mess!

None of the future goals I hoped for myself seemed to be working out.

While other SOS women moved forward in life, saw their goals realized and their visions completed – I felt stuck.

Did God even care about my future? Sure, he promised a good plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11) but was it too much to ask him to share it with me?

Then another coach suggested that I change the focus of my vision journal and complete the sentence, “When this happens, I will feel ….”

Eureka! That did it!

Suddenly, the emotional floodgates opened and I was able to see with more clarity the visions I anticipated for my life.

On one page, I began to write, “When I sell this duplex and move to my single-dwelling house, I will feel ….”

On another page, “When I buy my new car, I will feel ….”

My journaling continued for page after page. Then I flipped back and saw many of the commonalities between each topic.

One topic in particular was, “I will feel safe.”

Then I realized that in many areas of my life, I don’t currently feel safe. My car isn’t always dependable and my neighborhood isn’t particularly secure.

Safety and security are one of the big core values in my life and one of the reasons I have determined to “Never settle!”

So adding the feeling to my visions helped me better understand the direction I want to go in life and how I can work my action points to get there.

Try it! Add the emotions to your vision journal or your vision board. Then let us know how it works out.

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