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Last week, I started reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. If you haven’t discovered Brene, she’s an amazing author, speaker and researcher.Daring Greatly

Her work focuses on how we deal with so much of life from the foundation of shame and how we can overcome that stigma.

As women who are Starting Over Single, we understand shame and its disastrous effects. We know how it feels to be condemned because we’re divorced. We may feel as if we’re not enough because we couldn’t compete with our husband’s mistress or his emotional addiction to pornography.

But Brene’s message is that we ARE enough and we can move forward with joy if we’re willing to be vulnerable.

Willing to face our imperfections and realize it’s okay to not be perfect.

Willing to connect with the same folks who may be condemning us.

Willing to dare greatly even when we’re scared to death.

Willing to march toward our passions even if we have to change jobs or move.

Willing to become our authentic selves when the rest of the world tries to fit us into a plastic mold.

When we’re afraid of vulnerability, we may disconnect from others. And that’s such a dangerous act. Because we need each other. We were created by God for connection.

And after divorce, we especially need those connections with others who accept us as we are – those important and valuable friends who let us be real with them.

Becoming more vulnerable definitely requires courage but as we discover our true selves and learn to relish who we are – we’ll make even healthier connections.

Our new relationships won’t be toxic, but we’ll thrive when we find those folks who love us even without makeup and accept our quirky selves.

So dare to be who you really are. And read Brene’s books, then journal what you’re thinking and share it here.

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