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On my deck this morning, I watched a male cardinal feed his mate. They both stood in the dripping rain, their crimson and brown feathers a contrast to the green elm branches behind them.cardinals

The male cardinal gathered some of the seed I had sprinkled on the deck railing while the female waited with her mouth open. Then the male hopped over to his mate and plopped the seed in her mouth.

They repeated this action several times – always with the male feeding the female.

I drank my hot tea and watched them, wondering how long they had been together because cardinals mate for life.

Unlike humans. Unlike those of us who are Starting Over Single.

But we don’t have to worry about how we will be fed or who will care for us.

In Psalms 81:10, God makes this promise: “I the Lord, am your God. I brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.”

My land of Egypt was the divorce – the place I never wanted to be and the experience I never wanted to have.

And yet … God rescued me out of that despair, helped me start over and all along the way – God met every need.

Whenever I came to him, with my mouth open – asking for help, he was there to plop whatever seed I needed in my waiting mouth.

He was my Rescuer, my heavenly husband, my eternal mate.

And just like the cardinal, he fed me over and over and over with everything I needed.

So if you’re feeling “hungry” today, if you’re struggling with a problem or needing some practical help – just tell God.

Open your mouth wide and let him fill it.

©2015 Starting Over Single

Image attributed to: “Mike’s Birds”