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Last weekend I watched an interview with Allen Iverson – an NBA superstar. The news anchor asked him if he knew how talented he was and Iverson responded, “We don’t realize the magnitude of what we’re doing, because we’re living in the present moment.”

How can we find our daily purpose in Starting Over Single? In the ordinariness of our days and the struggles to keep afloat, is there a deeper significance that we can’t see?Hang on to Hope

As we learn more about perseverance and endurance, our purpose becomes clear.

We work hard to keep food on the table, to provide for our children and ourselves.

We exhibit raw courage as we crawl out of bed to work another 12 hours.

We do it out of love, and the magnitude of that sacrifice returns as our children learn the value of a healthy work ethic.

We also find purpose in learning how to forgive those who have hurt us.

Whether it’s because of infidelity or the comments of others who don’t understand the divorce, we’ve been hurt.

So we grit our teeth, dig deep inside ourselves to find kindness and learn to somehow forgive.

The magnitude of forgiveness expresses grace and the results are eternal.

Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves which takes a new measure of creativity along with plain old guts to step out in new directions.

The magnitude of these changes help us find purpose every day, but we may not see the significance while we’re living through the present.

It may feel like we’re just grinding out each 24-hour period, then falling into bed and starting over again the next day.

But in that process, we’re learning more about ourselves, redefining our gifts and rediscovering our lost selves.

The magnitude of these discoveries will strengthen us for the days ahead and help us to someday pay back – to help another woman who is Starting Over Single.

We may not see it now, but it’s out there – that beacon of hope we’ll hang on to and then share with another traveler.

So try this exercise: at the end of every day, journal what your purpose was during that particular day.

Did you share hope with someone? Did you open the door for an elderly person? Did you help your child understand his math homework? Did you try a new recipe?

Then smile at yourself and realize the magnitude of what you did – just by being you. And begin the next day, determined to fulfill your purpose once again.

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