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One of my coaching clients often prefaces her goal statements with, “But what if ….?”fall - fly by SMSimplifier

“What if we have a financial collapse?”

“What if I can’t manage to do this?”

“What if people don’t like what I have to say?”

The basis of “What if” statements is fear. We’re afraid of what may happen that will have an adverse effect on us.

We’re afraid of how we might feel if we try something and then fail or we’re afraid of what people may think of us if we set boundaries.

But most of the time, the “What If’s” of life never happen. Most of the dreadful things we imagine never become realities.

It’s just the fear lying to us.

Let’s turn these statements around and find the positive possibilities.

“What if we have a financial upswing and I suddenly have more money to give and to save?”

“What if I take this first step and discover I am more confident for the next step?”

“What if I set a boundary and it helps me grow stronger, protects my heart and people respect me for it?”

By flipping these statements to the positive side, we confront fear head on. We conquer fear and move forward with courage and grace.

Try this exercise with some of your own “What if” statements. Let’s embrace the positive spin and determine to turn those “What If’s” around.

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