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Many of us hate change and/or any disruption in the routines of life. We feel more comfortable living within our daily ruts – even if those ruts are growing deeper and more dangerous.

This is one reason why we stay in abusive relationships. Because we’re afraid of change.

But the upside of change, especially of Starting Over Single, can be invigorating and life-altering. Change CAN be a really good thing.woman - hands up

One of the changes revolves around the whole idea of Starting Over. You can buy new bedding for your mattress. Heck ! You can even buy a brand new mattress. Start over with an entirely different bedroom.

In the kitchen, buying new dishes and new linens can breathe a fresh desire to cook well, eat well and feel more healthy. It’s fun to shop the stores or search online and find just the right tableware.

Then expand that change to a more healthy selection of pots and pans. Check out the new clean type of cookware that doesn’t give off toxic fumes when you cook.

These types of changes require some budgeting of funds when you may not feel you can spend anything. Take it slow. Save and check out the best prices. You’ll love the changes these bring to your home.

Other areas of change will include the deeper, more emotional changes you’ll be making. You may want a counselor or a coach for these changes – to help you process what’s happening.

You’re Starting Over Single, so you’ll have to change your marital status on all forms. Sometimes that opens a new well of grief, but it’s okay. You’re learning how to embrace your new identity.

A type of freedom emerges as you begin to ask yourself, “What do I really want out of life? Do I really want to live here? Work at this job? Call myself by my married name?”

Maybe you’ll want to start over in a new location, travel to that place you’ve always loved and put down new roots in a different community.

That represents a complete change of venue – new stores to discover, new relationships to build, a new workplace where you can develop your gifts. Maybe you’ll start your own business.

And in the process of this change, you’ll begin to discover who you really are – the person who disappeared under the weight of abuse or the bad habit of settling for less.

You’ll rediscover your giftings and the desires of your heart God placed within you. Best of all, you’ll begin to love yourself again and pay attention to your soul.

So … fight against that fear of change. Embrace who you are and Start Over Single with a desire for new discoveries.

Begin to find the new you within the action of change.

©2015 Starting Over Single