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The stack of bills grows taller and at the same time – Number 2 child whines, “When are we going to get my new backpack for school?”depressed woman

It’s six o’clock and you haven’t figured out what to make for supper. You have no more coupons for buy- one-get-one hamburgers at Sonic, and you know everybody in the house is hungry – including yourself.

The car has another issue and you’ve already maxed out your credit card on the last repair.

You would like to leave all the stress behind and jump on a plane for Italy. But who has the money for that?

When we’re Starting Over Single, the stresses mount. Some days seem 60 hours long with no end in sight.

We hear ourselves snapping at the children and griping at God, wishing we could somehow accomplish our entire to-do list in five seconds.

How can we deal with the SOS Stress? Just do the next thing.

Just do the one thing you MUST do next.

If everyone is hungry, the bills will wait and so will the school supplies. Figure out an easy meal or call a friend and ask if you can have a pizza party. You supply the Cokes. She supplies the pizza, and you divide the bill.

If your child needs a clean shirt for a school concert in two hours, do a quickie hand wash – throw it in the dryer and hug your kid when you give him the shirt.

Just do the next thing.

All of us have long lists of things we have to accomplish, but not all of them have to be done right now – this day – this moment.

Set your boundaries by answering the question, “What is the least stressful thing I can do?”

Then just do the next thing.

Jesus reminded us that each day has trouble of its own. “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself” (Matthew 6:34).

Instead, do what you can today – just do the next thing – and don’t add anything stressful to your list.

A week from today, you won’t even remember what you had worried about today. Stress will ease as you work through Starting Over Single.

Just take it easy and do the next thing.

©2015 Starting Over Single