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When we’re Starting Over Single, it may seem like everything is a problem. Finances, co-parenting, housing, cars, jobs, the need for health insurance, forgiveness….

Yet God never worries.God never worries

He has your back. He knows exactly what is going on and how to resolve it. He is in the business of restoring lives, and he has not forgotten you.

He doesn’t stay up late trying to figure out the budget, because he never worries about money. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

He loves your children even more than you do, and he has a good plan for you. He restores what has been stolen from you.

He knows the best place for you to work and how to provide for all the needs you have. He promises to meet every need and he’s already working to meet the needs of next week.

He wants you to live in comfort, with beautiful surroundings that will bless you. So he is keeping a roof over your head and working to make sure that your family will be safe.

He protects you and assigns big-guy warrior angels to watch over you. He has all the angels of heaven and earth at his disposal and he knows exactly when and where to place them.

He knows that in our mobile world, we need dependable cars. He will make sure you have the vehicle you need and he will give you the resources to keep the oil changed, the tires inflated and the engine purring.

He understands your loneliness and the pain you have suffered. He is the Comforter. He will hold you in his arms and he will give you friends you can trust to help you through the rough days.

He will strengthen you and teach you how to be a single woman, how to live an authentic life and how to set boundaries around your heart.

He wants you to trust him. Since he never worries, you don’t have to worry either.

He will heal those raw places inside and show you how to step forward in life with joy. He will put people around you to counsel, coach, support and help you grieve in a healthy way.

He already has a plan for your future, and he promises that it is good.

Yes, you’ve been through a tough time. He understands. He knows how it feels to be rejected, lonely, misunderstood, assaulted and even killed.

But he is alive and he never worries about the future. He’s already there.

So … take a deep breath and remember that the Almighty God of the universe and beyond, the eternal One is with you.

He never worries. You can trust him.

©2015 Starting Over Single – GateWay of Hope