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I felt it as soon as I woke. It was stuck on my neck and I reached and pulled it off before I even fully wakened. I held the Band-Aid close to my eyes, since my glasses were still resting on my lamp table, and I saw it was a white sticker with black print.barcode

Not a Band-Aid at all, but the barcode from the back of a book I’d been reading the night before. The price was $12.99.

“I’m worth twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents today. Much more than I thought,” I said out loud as I reached to drop the sticker into the trash can.

I know I am worth more than that—everyone is. No human being, no matter what they’ve been through, is counted worthless by God.

One day, I informed a garage sale hostess that she had a orange sticker on her arm which said she was on sale for 25 cents. “That’s just wrong,” I teased her, “I’m certain you are worth much more than that, so don’t sell yourself short!”

We both laughed, but how often do women fail to realize how valuable they are?

Imagine explorers discovering a room full of jewels and precious metal. What would the contents of such a room be worth? What excitement news of such a room would stir up!

How about a room full of wives and moms? How about a room with only you inside?

Jesus loves you and He died for you. Your worth is high—so high it cannot be told. The Bible says you are a King’s daughter. You are worth more than rubies or pearls, and more than gold or diamonds.

A story is told about an African man who bought a wife. He paid her father eight cows for the woman he loved. This was an unheard of price, especially for a thin and homely woman like her.

The bride and the other villagers wondered what there was about her that called for such a dowry. Soon she was walking with dignity and gaining strength and self-esteem, because she was valued by her husband.

You are worth much more than eight cows, even if they were the last eight cows on earth.

What barcode are you wearing? What price tag have you allowed others to stick on you?

Pull it off and toss it in the trash. Because despite all the failures you have experienced, despite what others or even you thinks of you of your value, You are priceless!

For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31:10B

Bio: Elece Hollis lives in Oklahoma and writes poetry and inspirational stories about her life and family. Her photography blog is www.imagesofhome.blogspot.com and her story blog  http://whatsgoodabouthome.blogspot.com/ Elece’s blogs can be found at http://thoughtsjoinletters.blogspot.com/http://thoughtsjoinletters.blogspot.com/

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