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When you’re Starting Over Single – it’s hard to find a spirit of gratitude. Yet that is exactly what will help us most and give us a boost of hope for the holidays.thankful

So … pull out your Gratitude Journal and begin listing everything you’re grateful for. These ideas might give you a boost:

  • Hot water – can you take a shower with hot water? More than half the women in the world have never experienced a hot shower or bath.
  • Food – will you have some type of Thanksgiving food this week? If you have the ingredients for a pumpkin pie, a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, etc – you are indeed fortunate.
  • Housing – do you have a place to lie down and sleep tonight? Are your children warm with a roof over their precious little heads? Many single moms and their children experience homelessness. If you aren’t one of them, be grateful.
  • Faith – do you know God loves you and that he will provide for you? Many people don’t have that kind of belief and they struggle to find hope.
  • Education – if you’re reading this post, someone taught you to read. That is indeed a blessing.
  • Work – although our jobs can be tough, hard work is better than unemployment.
  • Family – your children love you and depend on you. If your parents are still living during this holiday season – that is a blessing. Family can be challenging but being alone is a desperate way to live. Who are you thankful for this season?
  • Support Group – do you have a group of friends that get together for coffee or an occasional dinner out? Do you have a cell group at church? Do you have friends who let you be real with them? You are indeed blessed. We all need connections.
  • Health – can you walk, drive, jog, think, clean the house, make a meal, climb steps? Can you do all these without help or without medications to take away the pain? Count your blessings.

By now, I’ll bet you’re rolling along on your own steam. You probably can think of many more blessings. Be specific. Name the people you are grateful for, then say a prayer of thanksgiving for all God has given you.

During this week, focus on all the good things in your life – rather than the one thing that has changed.

Be thankful.

©2015 Starting Over Single for GateWay of Hope