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Watch any Hallmark Christmas movies this week? Yeah, me too. Beautiful movies. Always the same plot. Happily ever after at the end and light the tree.Christmas ornament

But those of us who are Starting Over Single know that movies rarely imitate reality. We will be doing Christmas single this year.

And we can learn to do it with joy.

Christmas is not, after all, about finding the right person to kiss under the mistletoe.

Christmas is not about finding a date who will somehow merge into New Year’s so we can have someone beside us when the ball in Times Square falls.

Christmas is the culmination of an eternal love story and the date we celebrate the birthday of a little boy.

So how can you will your emotional stocking with joy?

  • Focus on someone else’s needs rather than your own.
  • Find another single woman or a single mom and her children and bless them with gifts, food and companionship.
  • Attend some musical programs and revel in the beauty of “Silent Night,” “Joy to the World,” and “O Come O Come Emanuel.”
  • Make your favorite treats and share them with your neighbors.
  • Spend some time with that aging grandparent or great aunt or a lonely person in assisted living.
  • Buy yourself a special gift. Wrap it and act surprised on Christmas morning.
  • Decorate the apartment or house with something beautiful that speaks Joy.
  • Go to church and don’t sit alone. Find another single person to sit beside.
  • Write in your gratitude journal about why you’re grateful for Christmas.

However you decide to celebrate Christmas, don’t isolate yourself. You’re not alone as a single woman at Christmas and really – it’s okay to be single and celebrating the birth of Christ.

After all, Jesus was single, too.

©2015 Starting Over Single for GateWay of Hope