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In a recent documentary, CBS Sunday Morning reported the phenomenon of the superhero stance. Researchers measured how the physical body responds when someone takes the hands-on-hips-feet-spread stance we often see in superhero posters.superwoman logo

The human body responds to this stance with an increased power surge and a sharper focus. Researchers suggest we should take this stance for at least 30 seconds before important meetings, interviews or any type of fearful conflict.

I tried it, and indeed – I immediately felt more powerful. So I plan to continue using this tool whenever I need to experience more of my own power.

When I think of all the Starting Over Single women I know, I could easily describe them as superheroes – maybe even she-roes.

  • They work hard to move past the trauma and pain of divorce.
  • They raise their children with love, paying careful attention to each child’s talents and needs.
  • They often work two and maybe three jobs to make ends meet.
  • They take care of their own hearts and learn to flourish within their chosen fields.
  • They refuse to whine about their situations, but instead – they persevere with joy.
  • They trust God to meet their needs and heal their wounds.
  • They live from their passions and truly thrive as they move forward.
  • They set important boundaries and learn how to say, “No.”
  • They protect themselves from toxic relationships and refuse to be deceived again.
  • They recognize harmful patterns and habits and work to eliminate anything that represents emotional, physical or spiritual danger.
  • They move forward as whole women to serve in their communities, families and churches.

These are the superwomen who deserve to be respected and honored. I am privileged to know many of them.

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