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While everyone is spouting the importance of positive goal-setting and resolutions, it may seem strange to post about grief.depressed woman

But giving ourselves permission to grieve in healthy ways is an important part of Starting Over Single.

Sometimes we move into the after-life of divorce by gritting our teeth, marching forward and doing whatever we can to survive.

But grief has a way of revisiting us.

If we don’t grieve every loss, bundles of pain can build up over time and cause stress, dis-ease and even death.

So let’s begin this new year right, deal with our grief – then let it go:

  • Grab a tissue.
  • Eat some chocolate.
  • Schedule some time to grieve what has happened to you.
  • Beat up a box with a baseball bat.
  • Let the anger out.
  • Confide in a friend.
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor or a coach.
  • Take out your journal and answer these questions:
    • When you look back six months, how have you moved forward?
    • How have you dealt with your grief in the past?
    • What is your favorite quote or a Bible passage that can help you now?
    • What are some of the good memories before the divorce?
    • What are 5 things for which you are grateful?

Determine to release the pain and let yourself grieve. Then let go of that past baggage and march into 2016 with joy.

©2016 Starting Over Single