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A journal is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of therapy.

To begin the process of Starting Over Single, it’s important to evaluate where we’ve come from, what may be holding us back and how we can move forward.

A journal is the perfect tool to get us started.

Many women are afraid to journal:

  • “What if someone else reads it?”
  • “I’m not a writer. I don’t know how to journal.”
  • “What if I start writing and my whole life gushes out and I can’t stop?”

“What if” questions are usually based on fear.

A journal is just a tool and you don’t have to be a writer to keep one. In fact, you don’t have to write at all. You can draw pictures, do a webbing where you list words in a bubble, cut pictures out of a magazine and glue them into your journal … whatever works best for you.

You can even design a journal online. Check out: https://penzu.com/

Get the emotions out of your soul and onto the paper. When you feel down-hearted, take your journal to a coffee shop or an outdoor gazebo or any place where you feel peaceful.

Talk to yourself, using your journal. Or journal your prayers to God.

Commit to using your journal on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be a daily chore. You can use your journal any time you want, once per week, twice per month. It’s up to you.

Just do it. Start now.

Here are some ideas to help you get going:

  • Today, I am angry about …
  • When I think about what happened to me, I just want to …
  • Even though I don’t understand all of this, I feel that …
  • One thing I am grateful for is …
  • I’m letting the old dreams go, and my new dream is …

Now, don’t you feel better already?

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