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Yes, I know – we don’t always like to exercise, but it really IS one of the best tips for moving forward when we’re Starting Over Single.exercise

Any type of movement is helpful, and you don’t have to run a marathon or lift 100 pounds to help yourself feel better and strengthen your body.

Find some kind of exercise that you enjoy enough to do it every day. Even five minutes will reap benefits.

Exercise will help you think more clearly and help you keep off those extra pounds that might hamper you in finding a job and staying healthy.

Exercise will also release endorphins that fight against depression. Nobody wants to live with depression.

You don’t need fancy equipment, and you don’t have to buy a membership in a gym. But if you want to invest in those things and they fit into your budget – go ahead.

Whatever type of exercise you decide on – just get moving. Here are some possible ideas:

  • Ride a stationary bike.
  • Jog in place – you can do this while you’re watching the evening news.
  • Walk around your neighborhood.
  • Grab a friend and do a dance together.
  • Take a break every hour at work – get away from the computer, stand up and stretch.
  • Do some standing push-ups against a strong door or your office wall.
  • Find a yoga DVD at the Half Price Store.
  • Use your lunch hour to walk around the building.
  • Find a building in your area that has several flights of stairs. Run up and down the stairs for 30 minutes.
  • Do a prayer walk around your neighborhood. This exercises physical AND spiritual muscles.
  • Make exercise a family activity – volleyball, basketball, bowling, etc.
  • Call your accountability partner / coach and tell her how you exercised today.

What other ideas do you have for adding some exercise to your life? What works for you?

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