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When we’re Starting Over Single, the last thing we can imagine is finding some humor in this horrible situation.

What we’ve been through is far from funny.

But laughter is good for the soul – even a necessary health benefit. We need to somehow find some way to express humor and practice joy.Smiley face

Not only will humor help us make it through, but it will also add health to our children’s lives.

But how can we possibly laugh when we’re Starting Over Single?

We can do it – if we work at it. The best way to begin is to add humorous objects, movies, experiences and funny people into our lives.

When I was going through the months after divorce, a famous comedian came to the University of Kansas. I didn’t have much money, but I knew it was important for my son and me to learn how to laugh again.

And making a memory together is more important than saving money.

So I paid for the tickets and we sat together with a great view of the comedian. We laughed until tears ran down our faces and our bellies hurt.

It was so-o-o good for us.

And I know it made an impact on my son, because for Christmas that year – he bought me a DVD recorded by that comedian. He understood the power of laughter and that particular memory.

Try some of these ways to add humor to your life:

  • Check out a funny DVD from the library.
  • Read a joke book together.
  • Buy one of those laughing toys and use it often.
  • Spend time with young children or aging seniors. Both populations share funny stories.
  • Download videos from “I Love Lucy” or “The Carol Burnett Show.”
  • Have coffee with a friend who has a great sense of humor.
  • Cuddle with a puppy.
  • Sign up for a funny webinar.
  • Look in the mirror and make funny faces at yourself.
  • Remind yourself to smile.
  • Watch a PBS special starring pianist and comedian Victor Borga.
  • Make yourself laugh. Come on, you really CAN do it. Just let yourself go and laugh.

What are some of the ways you have already added some humor to your life?

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Image attribution: TomRoberts101.com