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Many people within churches and service organizations possess the gift of generosity. They love to give.  question - blue

Some of these people have a special place in their hearts for women who are Starting Over Single.

They want to help you, but they may not know how. They don’t know about the need unless you tell them.

It is your job to speak up.

As women, we are nurturers, mothers and grandmothers who take care of others. We spend so much of our lives giving, giving and giving.

It feels backward to receive, and we’re often afraid to ask for help.

But when we’re Starting Over Single, we learn how to receive.

It IS okay to ask for help. No one will think poorly of you and even if they do – then they have a problem. You’re not responsible for how other people think.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Even within your Starting Over Single group – circulate a list of “I Have and I Need.” Share with each other.

The day will come when you can give again. Someday, you’ll be more financially secure and you will once again be a giver to many causes and countless people.

But right now – you need help.

So go ahead. Ask.

Action Points:

  • Go to your pastor or to the leader of a service organization and ask for what you need. They may also give you a list of resources that will be helpful.
  • Your child needs a new bed? Ask.
  • You need new tires for your car? Ask.
  • Your house needs the plumbing fixed, electrical work, landscaping, et cetera. Ask.
  • You need a bookcase in your office so you can work more effectively? Ask.
  • Thanksgiving is coming and you can’t afford a turkey? Ask.
  • You need a haircut so you will feel confident for that job interview? Ask.
  • You’re putting the house on the market and you need help to paint and update? Ask.
  • Your microwave just blasted its last wave, and you can’t afford a new one? Ask.
  • The kitchen sink gasket has broken and water squirts every time you get a drink? Ask.

People don’t know how to help if you don’t ask.

They may say, “No,” and that’s okay. At least you tried.

But they can’t say, “Yes,” unless you ask.

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