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We are holistic people – body, soul and spirit. Taking care of ourselves, especially when we’re Starting Over Single, includes the spiritual aspect.church - apricena

You don’t have to be a religious person to set healthy boundaries around your spiritual self. You just have to believe in yourself and know that you are of great value to God and to others.

In fact, Jesus told us to love others AS we love ourselves. Loving ourselves includes paying attention to our spirituality.

So here are some ideas for taking care of yourself spiritually:

  • Take your journal outside and wrap yourself in the words and the beauty of nature.
  • Write 10 thank you’s to God. Think outside the box – something beyond “Thank you for food and a home.” How about something like, “Thanks, God, for the beautiful feathers on that bluejay. You are so creative!”
  • Join a women’s Bible study or a book study that focuses on the spiritual life.
  • Observe the Sabbath and truly rest.
  • Take a holy nap.
  • Join a book club. Yes, reading and discussing literature can be a spiritual exercise.
  • Schedule time for God every day. Talk to him and spend some time listening.
  • Play some praise music and lift your heart to God.
  • Buy a “Jesus Calling” book and read today’s selection.
  • Compose your own poem about God’s love for you.
  • Every night before bed, read a Psalm.
  • Every morning, read a Proverb.
  • Meditate on God’s love while you’re doing yoga.
  • Sing more. It relieves stress and gladdens your heart.
  • Write a love letter to God.
  • Take a walk and praise God for three things you see.
  • Make a sacred space – a place where you meet with God.

What are some ideas you have for taking care of your spiritual life? Share them so that all of us can learn.

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