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dollar signAs we’re Starting Over Single, most of us take a financial hit. We may lose the house and often, the primary income. We return to work after several years as a stay-at-home mom. We may even need a second or a third job.

But we can learn how to use coupons, how to save and how to be careful with our finances.

Once the shock of divorce wears off, we may want to immediately buy another house or move to another section of town, another state – even another country.

But some of those choices aren’t financially smart.

It’s wiser to talk to a financial professional or even a good friend who is good with finances – someone who is objective and can tell you the truth.

You are now responsible for your own financial health.

Check out some of these action points:

  • Find a financial professional you trust and be frank about your budget.
  • Keep track of everything you spend for one month – everything – every single penny. This will give you an idea of which categories you need to consider in your budget.
  • Think about your relationship to money:
    • Are you afraid to deal with it?
    • Do you need a certain amount to feel secure?
    • What were the emotions toward money in your marriage?
  • Don’t buy anything impulsively just to make yourself feel better. No comfort spending.
  • Be careful and be smart. Save for the long run.
  • Don’t try to recover too fast; i.e. buy a new house, a new car, move away.
  • Save a little bit – even a dollar – from every paycheck.
  • Keep a change jar where all of you – even the children can add their coins. This will become your Christmas money.
  • Post a picture of something you really want: a vacation, a new car, a different house. Then save for that item.
  • Follow a budget plan.
  • Attend a Dave Ramsey course.
  • Be ruthless in cutting expenses – this is easier than finding another income.
  • Stay in hope. As you save and live by a budget, your finances will become healthier.

At first, the money issues seem insurmountable. But you will feel better as you work carefully on your money issues.

You CAN do this. Many of us have been through it and now we’re on the other side of the financial mess. We’re cheering for you!

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