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confettiAlthough the first months and sometimes the first years of the Starting Over Single journey are difficult, a time comes when you begin to breathe easier. You don’t feel like you’re in crisis anymore. You’re moving forward with joy.

Celebrate your progress. You’ve made it through an enormous trauma and you’re on your way to a better life.

You persevered. You succeeded. Good for you!

What are some action points for celebrating?

  • When you pay the bills, celebrate because you know how to handle finances and God has provided for you.
  • When you refuse to live in anger or revenge, celebrate that joy. You’re a better person now.
  • When you feel as if you’ve forgiven another piece of the hurt, celebrate by thanking God.
  • Look back every few months and read through your journal entries. Look at how you’ve grown. You’re an amazing woman!
  • Tell one of your friends how you’ve moved past another milestone.
  • Once / month, treat yourself to something special: a piece of dark chocolate, a new bracelet, a pretty scarf.
  • Look in the mirror and smile. You’ve done it, and God has been loving you throughout the process.
  • You’re stronger than before and even if life is still hard – it is better than it was.
  • You’ve made amazing progress and you’re learning how to live in hope.
  • Celebrate you!

What are some ways you are celebrating today?

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