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As we face decisions in our quest to Start Over Single, one of the best formulas has already been given to us.

It’s not from a motivational speech or a TED talk. But it comes from a wise source.

I’ve used this formula in my life, and I’ve seen it work for my coaching clients. It’s a great tool, especially when we’re Starting Over Single.

It originates from the book of Proverbs.Prov 3-5-6

Many people quote this passage as a favorite, but do they see the formula inscribed within its wisdom?

When you have a decision to make, check out this formula from Proverbs 3:5-6 …

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Trust implies knowing God is safe. We can depend on him to give us direction because he has proven himself many times.

To trust him with our hearts – all of our hearts – is to fully believe he has a good plan for our lives.

He can heal the past hurts – even the ones that broke our hearts. He is with us in the present and he knows about the future.

He is dependable, so we can trust him with this decision we’re facing.

Lean not on your own understanding. When I try to figure out what to do about a decision, I can wrap my brain around all the pros and cons, try to figure out all the finances and eventually get myself in a real tizzy.

Many decisions in life just can’t be figured out. We have to grow into them.

And often, God has to move all the puzzle pieces together so everything fits.

I can make a better decision if I wait it out, let God do his thing and don’t try to understand everything.

In all your ways, acknowledge God. He really is smarter than we are, and he really does have a better plan than we could ever imagine.

How many times have you thought you might take a certain direction, but then God made it clear that choice wasn’t wise?

Those are the times we need to acknowledge God is sovereign and he knows what is best for us.

So in facing a decision, we might as well…from the get-go…realize his way is best and just relax through the process.

He WILL direct your path. This is a promise and the end result from working on the first three parts of the formula. God will absolutely direct us the right way for whatever decision we have to make.

Sometimes he directs us through the words and wise counsel of another person. So we need to listen to those wise ones.

Sometimes he uses a specific Bible verse, a dream or changing circumstances. So we have to be alert for how he is working.

And sometimes, we hear that divine whisper deep in our souls and we just know – this is the way to go.

So as you face decisions in the Starting Over Single journey, follow these three steps:

  1. Trust God with your whole heart
  2. Don’t try to figure things out yourself
  3. Acknowledge and accept that God’s plan is best

Then watch to see how he will direct your path.

And the last step? Celebrate the victory God has given you.

How has this formula worked for you?

©2016 Starting Over Single