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heart of artOur version of love may have been skewed because of the journey of divorce.

But one person will never ever reject us or betray us. His name is God. He is our greatest lover, because he doesn’t request anything of us – except to love him back.

Isaiah expressed this truth: “For your husband is your Maker” (Isaiah 54:4).

God is the one person we can depend on to be our heavenly husband. We can talk to him every day and know he will never let us down. He is faithful. He never betrays his promises.

Do we ever miss physical affection? Of course. Loneliness is a consequence of divorce, although some of us may have also experienced loneliness within the marriage.

But even when we miss intimacy, we can tell God how much we love him and ask him to show up.

We can ask him to give us a spiritual hug.

Sometimes he shows up in a friend or even in a stranger who is kind to us.

Sometimes he shows up with a surprise package in the mail or an extra check that meets a current need.

Sometimes he does something so unusual and wonderful, we call it a “Godwink.”

God holds a special place in his heart for the orphan and the widow. This principle also applies to women and children who have been abandoned and vulnerable. Women of divorce are also biblically considered as widows.

God will answer your prayers and send love notes. Check out some of these action points:

  • Make a special section in your journal to record the Godwinks that happen to you.
  • Share these Godwinks with a friend.
  • Be alert each day for something special to happen, then whisper a prayer of thanks.
  • Teach your children to watch for Godwinks. This will help all of you to be more aware of the encouragements God sends.
  • Be honest with God. When you’re feeling lonely or especially vulnerable, tell him. He knows how to respond best to you and how to meet your needs.
  • Start every morning with the statement, “God, I love you.” Then listen for his love reply back to you.
  • Remember Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” This includes your love needs.

Get ready to receive Godwinks. Let God love you.

©2016  Starting Over Single