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Wow! We are moving right along with our alphabet series and today, we’re looking at the “W” words.letter-w


As we move into the phase of Starting Over Single, we may wonder what in the world happened. This was not the vision we had for our lives.

However, we can also turn that wonder into something positive:

  • The wonder of identifying our true selves without having to BE a certain way for someone else
  • The wonder of knowing our strength
  • The wonder of how God’s love and faithfulness protects us – EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
  • The wonder of how our children love us even with our flaws
  • The wonder of how grief changes us – for the better – if we let it
  • The wonder of learning how to make ends meet and realizing we can indeed stretch pennies
  • The wonder of how many people are willing to help us
  • The wonder of meeting other women who are Starting Over Single and realizing we are an incredibly amazing cadre of women

Never lose the wonder of the miracle you are.

Make each day a mystery for finding the wonder around you and within you.

Then you’ll be filled with the wonder of who you are.


Many of us were taught to be totally submissive and passive. In fact, we believed the lie that “true Christian women must always submit.”

But that is a lie based on the need for control.

We have learned to fight for our lives, to set healthy boundaries and to use our giftings to impact others.

When God created Eve, he said she was a helpmate for Adam. In the original Hebrew, the word “helpmate” is translated “Ezer” which means “Warrior.”

Eve did not just sit around in the garden, eating fruit and waiting for Adam to finish naming the animals. She was a warrior woman who fought along with him and raised her sons in a world that could not have been easy to inhabit.

Our ancestor, Eve, passed on her genes to us and God calls us to continue as warrior women who fight for what is right, who protect our children, who set healthy boundaries around our hearts, who know who we really are, who do everything we can to survive and thrive.

A great resource that underscores who we are as warrior women is “Half the Church” by Carolyn Custis James. In fact, all her books are fabulous writings about the gifts and roles of women.

So embrace who you really are and keep fighting for your soul. You’re worth it.


We live in a competitive world where winning is everything and losers are devalued.

Some of us have lost a great deal of this world’s goods and we may have lost pieces of ourselves in the divorce journey.

Be we don’t have to stay in the losers’ circle. We can march forward with a winning attitude and make our lives better than ever before.

In many ways, we are already winners. We have fought some legal battles and won. We have protected ourselves and our children from abusive relationships. We have realized some of our dreams and we’re marching toward resurrected passions.

We have won the battle to Start Over Single with grace-filled hearts, forgiving spirits and attainable goals.

All around, we ARE winners.

So don’t let that lie of marital failure tear you down. The end of the marriage was not all your fault.

Now, you’re Starting Over as a warrior woman, filled with the wonder of good things to come.

©2016 Starting Over Single