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2017-yearAs we begin a new year, let’s forget about the usual resolutions – which most people don’t keep anyway.

In order to move forward into a new year, it is more helpful to focus on a personal mission statement.

Most of us are familiar with mission statements used by nonprofit organizations or businesses, but have you ever thought of a personal mission statement – something just for you?

If you know your core values, merge them together into your personal mission statement.

For example, if your top core value is “Harmony,” then your mission statement will include how you incorporate harmony into your everyday life. Perhaps “Seeking to share harmony each day” could become a mission statement.

Another example might be the dual core values of “Truth” and “Integrity.” A mission statement could be “To promote truth wherever I go and whatever I do, living a life of integrity.”

Another idea for designing your personal mission statement is to incorporate the following three points:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Why you do it

These bullets serve the purpose of helping us see the value we have in life and the specific significance God has for us.

An effective mission statement with these three aspects becomes the slogan that summarizes the good you hope to do each day.

For a woman Starting Over Single, perhaps something such as “Using my gifts with integrity so I can impact others’ lives.”

My personal mission statement is “To help others through my words – either verbal or written – and point them toward hope.” This statement has become a piece of the tagline on my website: www.RJThesman.net link  “Finding Hope When Life Unravels.”

Some of my clients write their mission statements on a 3 x 5 card they carry with them. Others use a Post-It Note™ in the car. Another client stenciled hers in the front of her planner.

Keeping our mission statements front and center helps to remind us why we are living each day and how we can live well.

So what about you?

For 2017, work on finding your personal mission statement. Comment here when you finalize it.

Then go into the world and make a difference.

©2017 Starting Over Single