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So many women I know are currently in that “stuck” phase – where nothing is happening to move them forward, when prayers don’t seem to be answered, when life seems like the prison walls are closing in.


So what do we do when it seems as if we’re in Neutral with no way to move into Drive?

Just Do the Next Thing

When we’re in the stuck mode, it seems impossible to think about a good future or even what tomorrow might bring.

Just do the next thing. What is on your list for today? Just do the next thing on the list.

Why does this help? Because at least we are accomplishing one thing each day. Often, we’ll find ourselves doing several things on the list and that in itself becomes a move forward.

Sometimes by doing the next thing, a domino will fall and then everything will begin to move. So…just do the next thing.

Trust in the Timing

The process of being stuck is sometimes just a matter of timing. We can’t move forward because something else has to happen first.

For example: selling the divorce house. First, we have to finalize the divorce and know we have full options to sell. Then we have to find the next place to live and arrange for that. Then we have to list the house, de-clutter everything, hire a stager, et cetera.

Moving to our new house of freedom requires proper timing for all the other tasks. So…sometimes we’re not really stuck. We’re just in the waiting room of life.

Explore All the Options

What sometimes feels like we’re stuck is actually a roadblock of procrastination. If we ask ourselves, what are the options I DO have during this time in my life? Is there a choice I CAN make that will help to propel me forward?

Am I living in the place of self-doubt and self-sabotage? What can I do to move out of that place?

This action usually involves some difficult choices and a bunch of grit and determination. But we’ve already been through one of the worst situations in life. We CAN make some healthy choices and consider our options.

Consider Professional Help

The role of a life coach is to help clients move over obstacles and toward their goals. Sometimes we need to admit how much we need help.

Or this might be the time for counseling help. If we’re stuck behind a wall of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, rage or any other emotions – a counselor might be able to help us identify the problem and work through it.

Perhaps you will feel better talking to a pastor or maybe you have a mentor who can meet over a great cup of coffee.

Whoever your safe person is, consider asking for professional help. Sometimes that is the first step for jumping out of the mud pile and being unstuck.

What about you? What are some places where you have felt stuck?

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